How do I remove the waste in my portable toilet

Our portable toilet units require the waste to be pumped out. This is to ensure the waste does not damage the toilet, hence effecting the longevity of the unit.

There are a few ways that waste management can be achieved.

Chemical Sachets

After your purchase one of our portable toilet units, we will provide you with a few chemical sachets to get you started. These are to be placed in the waste tank to assist with odour, sanitation and breakdown of waste. You will then need to purchase these chemicals from your local hardware or camping store.

Pump The Waste Out

It is then your choice if you wish to pump the toilet out yourself or arrange a septic company to do so.

We recommend contacting your local council as they will be able to direct you to a septic company. You can schedule in regular cleaning/ pump out maintenance with them.

Rear Evacuation Valve

Alternatively, you may dispose of the waste yourself with our added rear evacuation valve feature.

For an additional cost, you may purchase the valve as an added accessory. The rear evacuation valve aids in the removal of waste without having to pump it out through the toilet bowl itself.

Upon request, we can install this for you into your new toilet unit. Alternatively, you may install this yourself with our handy instructional video.

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