Accessible Portable Toilet

Our wheelchair-disable toilets are essential for events, to provide those with a mobility impairment or physical disability safe, convenient and comfortable access to a portable toilet.

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Key Features

  • Oversized, self-closing door
  • Interior handrails for assisted mobility
  • Roll-in, ground level access
  • Spacious interior for wheelchair manoeuvrability
  • Sink is plumbed directly to the tank.
  • Light and bright inside to maximise visibility


  • Size: 1570mm x 1570mm x 2310mm
  • Waste tank capacity: 227L
  • Fresh water tank capacity: 170L
  • Weighs 108kg
  • Optional Add-on: Solar Powered Light

Optional Add-on: Solar Powered Light

Internal Base

Our easy to clean Internal Base is exactly what your construction site needs when its come to a Portaloo. Designed with a fully hot dipped galvanised skid, our bases are made to edure the roughest treatment out there. Its ergonomical design allows customers feeling comfortable and it’s large waste and water storage units are to provide you with a longer lasting product.


  • Non Slip Draining Floor
  • Hand Washing Foot Pump
  • Toilet Flushing Foot Pump
  • Large Waste Tank & Water Holding Tank
  • Large Basin
  • Lots of Leg Room / Handbag Space
  • Smooth Polypropylene bowl

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