Laguna Sewer Connect Portable Toilet

If you’re looking for the comfort of a toilet like in your own home, then our Sewer Connect Portable Toilet will give you all of the same luxuries. Much like a permanent toilet, the fresh water inlet & waste outlet can be connected to respective mains water and sewer lines on your construction site or private property.

Dimensions & Weight:
1140mm X 1250mm X 2240mm, 153.5kg

  • Laguna Sewer Connect portable toilet

Key Features

• High quality ceramic toilet bowl – like your toilet at home
• Superior twin-skin walls – with long lasting UV protection
• Translucent white single skin roof with steel reinforced surround
• Stainless steel hand basin – allows you to fit a full forearm length
• High Strength Plastic Skid Base with built in floor drainage point
• Dual flushing cistern
• High grade PVC plumbing fittings
• Fresh water inlet
• Sewer waste outlet
• Double stainless steel toilet roll holders
• Lifting Rods
• Coat Hook
• Large internal door mirror
• Interchangeable gender indicator
• Lockable door latch

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